Thursday, 10 October 2013


I have acquired a new toy! A remote control programmable LED light bulb. Here are the results of its first outing with a model. The painting is a colour study painted directly from the model. I take photos at the same time and then combine the colour study and photos to create a more finished work. The colour study was painted in fifteen minuets and the drawing took a day. Colour studies are done directly from the model and are really only a colour note as to what I saw at the time. Most are not worth looking at but this one works in its own right. The LED bulb provided the green/blue light and a normal tungsten spotlight provided the orange light.


  1. I hate how Blogger has flagged this site for adult content.

    What I love, however, is this solution for lighting. I've been wrestling with trying to find the right balance of cool and warm in lighting and this seems like a creative workaround.

    Are you still doing this or have you found a better way to balance the ratios?

    (P.S. I found you through Daily Paintworks! I wanted to comment on a painting, but that feature had been disabled.)